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Modern PURAIR® is now a Preferred Concierge Installer and Re-Seller of Nest® Learning Thermostats


Given their small size, a thermostat is one of the most overlooked components of your heating, ventilation and cooling system. However, the right Kelowna furnace thermostat can play a big part in the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit or furnace, and the best ones can found at Modern PURAIR.

A thermostat tells your heating and cooling unit when or at what temperature to start and stop. The right settings can make you feel even more comfortable at home than you normally would. With a Kelowna smart thermostat, you won’t have to guess what the optimal settings are, since its software will do that for you even better. Not to mention the energy you’ll save, at least 10% than usual.

Why Choose A Smart Thermostat For Your Kelowna Home?

The Nest Learning Thermostat, that we trade, truly is the best in its class. If you don’t take our word for it, know that it won an internet poll, voted by more than 2,000 users, by a huge margin, against four other similar products. The name itself tells you it can learn your behaviour, it shows you the real time energy consumption, and it can adjust itself depending on the ambient factors. You can program it to turn off the furnace when you leave for work and start just before you arrive, so your home is all nice and cozy. Thanks to its powerful remote management apps, you can control it even when you’re not at home, with a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

There’s no reason why you too shouldn’t own a smart Kelowna furnace thermostat. Contact us today.



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Auto Schedule™
No more programming hassles. Nest learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.

Auto Away™
Nest automatically turns itself off to an energy-saving temp when your not home.

Remote Control
Connect Nest to Wi-Fi to change the temp or adjust your schedule from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.