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Our Kelowna Furnace Filter Maintenance Program

Our professionals can help you design a scheduled filter maintenance program that best fits your needs. As a homeowner, regular cleaning of dirt and debris from the duct work can be a headache. It can also be a project that is far too expensive for your budget. Nonetheless, you still want clean air in your home. In these instances, we recommend Kelowna furnace filters, which we can change or replace for you. They will help you keep your home air clean and the dirt trapped anywhere else but inside of the house.

What Is A Filter Maintenance Program?

In order to ensure that you always have clean air in your home and that your furnace is working at maximum efficiency, you will need need an air filter that matches the exact specifications of your furnace or air conditioning unit. We will be able to provide you with that – and at all times and at the lowest cost possible.

With the help of Modern PURAIR’s personalized filter maintenance program, homeowners don’t need to worry about trying to find the right filters or remembering how often to replace them. You won’t need to waste your time again. We will be the ones to deliver the filters to your home or business. We are sure to deliver them at a pre-established frequency and we will also install them for you if that is what you require.


What Are The Benefits Of Our Furnace Filter Maintenance Program?

In order to service our clients, Modern PURAIR carries top-grade and long lasting Kelowna furnace filters. These filters have a minimum MERV rating of 8 and they are available at any size. The MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is an incredibly useful tool to verify the effectiveness of air filters.


The Best Types Of Kelowna Furnace Filters For Your Home

The MERV 8 filter is able to trap most contaminants. These pollutants include: dust, pollen or dog and cat dander. These filters can be safely used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Clients can also request better filters such as MERV 11 and 13 which would be intended for areas with special needs in terms of air quality. These spaces may include hospital surgery rooms or laboratories. To discuss your Kelowna furnace filters maintenance program, please call us at 800-996-3878.



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